Chapter by chapter, Bernstein takes on various stress-inducing thoughts—I should weigh less; I should be successful; I shouldn’t have done that—and shows how to let the air out of them.”
Publishers Weekly

The Myth of Stress is a compelling, compassionate book about our suffering when we fight reality and the transformation that is possible when we don’t. I loved it.”
Geneen Roth
Author of When Food Is Love and Women Food and God

Andrew Bernstein has brought some much needed common sense to the subject of stress and that alone makes this book a winner.”
Caroline Myss
Author of Defy Gravity and Invisible Acts of Power

Bernstein has created a wonderful, accessible how-to manual for regular people wanting to feel better. This WORKS!”
Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.
Author of Potatoes Not Prozac

Bernstein’s volume is an outstanding guide to understanding the nature of stress and how to handle it. The book provides numerous insights and techniques for anyone experiencing stress — and who doesn’t?”
Aaron T. Beck, MD
Founder of Cognitive Therapy

We often think we have to avoid or reduce stress. The Myth of Stress teaches you not to “manage stress” but to root out the very causes of stress, the tangled thinking that keeps you stuck in the belief the world has to change for you to be happy. Andrew Bernstein guides us through a way to untangle those thoughts and be free. Read this book and it will change your life and you will find your happiness will depend on only one thing — YOU.”
Mark Hyman
New York Times best-selling author of The UltraMind Solution